Miami is a city which is located in South Eastern side of Florida on the Atlantic coast. It is among the most populated city in the United States of America. It has a large number of Latin speaking people and Cuban -Americans.

 Miami is among the leading cities when it comes to finance, culture, entertainment, arts, commerce as well as international trade. Miami is also well known for its tourist’s attraction where it gets huge numbers of tourists from all over the world. It has beautiful sandy beaches which are ranked among the most exciting visiting areas. Miami offers a wide variety of things for tourists from mesmerizing sightseeing tours, wildlife shows and trips to the National parks, airboat rides where you get a glimpse of some turtles, fish, snakes and even some exotic birds!

Miami has a unique culture which was influenced largely by the high population of the Cuban -Americans .The culture diversifies from the dialect used (Miami dialect) to the cuisine where they have the Floribbean cuisine which is a combination of the Latin American cuisine and the Carribbean cuisine.

Miami also has annual festivals like Carnival Miami and the Caello Ocho festival. Miami is home to performing arts centers like the renowned Adrienne Arsht Centre for the performing Arts which is the second largest performing arts centre in the USA, Gusman Centre for the Performing Arts and Herbert and Nicloe Wertheim Performing Arts Centre. Miami also has several entertainment houses which include Jackie Gleason Theatre, Ring Theater and the Florida Grand Opera which houses the Ziff Ballet Opera House, the Carnival Studio Theater, the Peacock Rehearsal Studio and the Knight Concert Hall.


Miami’s weather allows for outdoor activities all year round like sailing, fishing and boating .Miami has many rivers, bays, canals, marinas and the great Atlantic Ocean for such activities. There are numerous parks and recreational areas in Miami like the Bayfront Park, Peacock Park Tropical Park, Watson Island and Botanic Garden. Some common cultural destinations include Coral Castle, Miami Seaquarium and Jungle Island.


Miami also host large events like the Miami fashion events and has many shopping malls where you can shop till you drop with the latest designs in the fashion industry.

If you want to have the greatest beach parties come to Miami and you will experience the famous beach parties where you get to enjoy the music, cuisine and drinks! The music is amazing with some reggae tunes, bachata and meringue or some conga and rumba. You can opt to rent a beach house in Miami which is a lot cheaper than paying for a hotel.


Sports fans are not left out as you can go cheer your team from the Miami Marlins (baseball), Miami dolphins (football), Miami Heat (basketball) to the Florida panthers (hockey).There is something for everyone in Miami!