Top Car Rental Deals

*Daily Rates excluding taxes

Car Class
Toyota Corolla or similar (compacto)
$13 por dia
Toyota Camry or similar (full size)
$15 por dia
Jeep Renegade or similar (suv)
$15 por dia
Jeep Cherokee or similar (camioneta)
$16 por dia
Toyota Sienna or similar (minivan)
$24 por dia
Last updated on: December 15, 2015

Cheap Car Rentals

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We Are Available Always
No matter the city, no matter the time, no matter the day, our car rental services are always available at your disposal. At Clubs Car Rental, we believe in customer services and customer delight. When in need, you can call us and we will be ready to serve you in a few moments. Whether you want the service at the airport or at your hotel, we ensure that the car reaches you on time. Talk to our travel experts for current deals and offers and be amazed with our offerings. So just go ahead and seal your lucrative deal now!